Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We just got back from our annual trip to MA and NYC. We took both of our nephews with us. I had planned on getting some stuff done for our home study but the time went by so quickly. It is so nice to spend time in MA. We get to do a lot of things that we do not usually do in AZ. The boys went fishing, we played games, had a fireworks show in my Grandma's back yard, saw Cars 2 with my cousins adoreable twins, had several trips to King Kone, went on a hike and saw a beautiful waterfall, and spent a lot of time with family. We got to see a cousin of mine and his family that we had not seen in years. The annual picnic and Fourth of July parade were great too. NYC was as amazing as ever. We spent three days in the city. We spent some time with my cousin and his wife and learned a lot about the city. They have lived there less than a year and he knows so much already. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time. That was really cool. Jay and the boys went to the premiere of the new Transformers movie in Times Square. They had a spot right up front and got to see all of the actors in the movie walk the red carpet. They had a blast! They are lucky to have such a great Uncle. I would have NEVER waited in that crowd for three hours. I opted to people watch instead. The highlight of the trip was getting to see "The Bear."  I have been waiting four years to see the bear that frequents my Aunt and Uncle's house and we FINALLY saw him. He is the cutest thing! I named him Hefty since he likes to get into the garbage.

Sorry for the long post about our vacation. It is something that we do every year and we enjoy so much. We are already planning our next trip. My family ROCKS! They always make us feel so welcome and we have so much fun with them. Some of my best memories are from our famly trips "back east." I cannot wait for our child to experience what I have for the past 32 (did I just say that?!?!?) years. I spent a lot of time thinking about how it will be when our little one gets to see where Grandma grew up, goes to Angelina's with Grandpa, sees the parade, meets all of the family at the picnic, has a King Kone, goes fishing with Aunt Lorilyn, walks the tracks with Uncle Champ, plays with all of Aunt Pam's toys, is in awe of all of Great Grandma's glass, and slides down the hill at Clapp Park. I cannot wait for Jay and I to be able to experience all of these things with our child. That brings be back to the paperwork....I better get moving on it!!!